Zenith CH750 - SOLD

Kit Hoare's Zenith CH750 STOL registered as VH-ZKS had it's maiden flight at Denmark Airport on January 10th. An amazing achievement and proof that aviation is alive in Denmark.

Work on the Zenith has been ongoing for the last 8 years, but finally all that effort has paid off and the aircraft is now in its test phase.

Pilot Gordon Nezich reports that the aircraft is a pleasure to fly and totally responsive and behaved exactly as expected.

A few minor tweaks to control surfaces to remove the roll tendency will make this a stable aircraft.

Kit was accompanied by his wife, Sue and daughter, Becky on the morning of the flight. Also on hand were Wayne Austin and Ray Wylie, two of Kits close friends.

After 100 plus hours of flying, and being reregistered with RA-AUS, Kit sold the Zenith to another aviator who has a home base in WA near Bindoon. You might still see this aircraft at fly-ins in this state.